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Ochotnicze Hufce Pracy - Podkarpacka Wojewódzka Komenda
Podkarpacka Wojewódzka Komenda

Podkarpacka WK
Al. Piłsudskiego 31
35 - 074 Rzeszów
 17 852 39 10
fax: 17 852 39 10

Nadzór nad Ochotniczymi Hufcami Pracy sprawuje Minister Pracy
i Polityki Społecznej

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OHP Podkarpacka Wojewódzka Komenda is a regional division of a national governmental institution called Ochotnicze Hufce Pracy (Voluntary Labour Corps). The main office of OHP in Podkarpacie region is located in Rzeszów – a capital of a region. There are other units in: Krosno, Przemyśl, Tarnobrzeg, Dębica, Jarosław, Stalowa Wola, Sanok and Iwonicz. More than 100 employees  work  for OHP Podkarpacka Wojewódzka Komenda.


OHP Podkarpacka Wojewódzka Komenda is realising these same targets as Headquater of OHP. Ochotnicze Hufce Pracy are supervised by the Minister of Labour and performs state activities for 15-year-old teenagers and the unemployment up to 25 years old. OHP operates in the field of training, upbringing and employment of young people.


Our activity is going in two directions:


1.        training and education for youth between 15 and 18 years old originating from the environment of the unemployed families, which are not able to bring up their children and youth threatened by being excluded from the educational system or have problems with law, ect.; Young people can continue education in 10 Work Detachments on Podkarpacie wchich are located in Rzeszów, Krosno (3 units), Przemyśl, Tarnobrzeg, Dębica, Jarosław, Stalowa Wola, Sanok and one Education and Training Center in Iwonicz where the poorest individuals taking part in the activities of the OHP have a right to a free of charge place in dormitories and full board. The teaching staff from all units of OHP cooperates with various institutions and organizations from the local environment, which busy themselves with the problems of the youth, i.e. with the police, psychological clinics and pedagogical institutions, addictions clinics, etc.


2.        basic services of the labor market: it serves as a job agency, it organizes trainings, job counseling and provides job information. All those services are addressed to young people up to 25 years old - graduates of secondary schools and higher education institutions and educated young people already having some qualifications but threatened by unemployment or who already are jobless. Moreover, students of higher education institutions and secondary schools who would like to find a job (especially when they have no classes), gain experience and improve their financial situation, also take advantage of the job agency services offered by OHP. The job agency services in OHP are offered by Youth Job Agencies. There are 5 Youth Job Agencies on Podkarpacie located in Rzeszów, Krosno, Przemyśl, Tarnobrzeg and Dębica. Other units busying themselves with job counseling and job preferences are: Job Clubs where specialists organize workshops on methods of looking for a job and where one can get individual advice; There are 4 Job Clubs on Podkarpacie located in Rzeszów, Krosno, Przemyśl, Tarnobrzeg. Mobile Centres of Vocational Information – their emplyees run groups meetings, give individual advice and give information on professions especially to people from small towns and communes in small villages; There are 4 Mobile Centres of Vocational Information on Podkarpacie located in Rzeszów, Krosno, Przemyśl, Tarnobrzeg. Youth Career Centers – offer help to young people in making important professional decisions, especially taking into consideration the aspects of entrepreneurship and self-employment; centere of Professional Training – organize professional training and courses. There is 1 Youth Career Center on Podkarpacie located in Dębica.


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